Customer Testimonials

The Humane Society recommended obedience training which was the best decision we could of made! Glen is wonderful with the dogs and really helps us tackle any problem areas we are having!

Mariana R.

I took in a tremendous amount of knowledge from you today and I am very grateful for every moment. Thanks to you, Mikey now has his forever home and we will all work towards a happy life together.


I am so glad I decided to take the class with my new dog. Gomez ran out of the house the day after we learned “here”. I immediately put into play the command and he ran right back to me!


Damnit asked me to send you a short note thanking you for showing me how to work effectively with him. He said he appreciates the way you taught me patience and consistency as being the key to making our partnership more enjoyable.


Spot started out as a wild 4-month old puppy and with Glen’s assistance, he graduated exhibiting better patience and having learned several new tricks. I learned a few things too! The value is far beyond the cost.


You called us back. No one else did and the trainer knew what to do. Thank you.


I am very please with the service that was provided to my puppy Sultan today, I have had this puppy for 2 1/2 months, he kept to him self, he would not come to none of the family member, with Glenn help, he now act like he is apart of this family, I still can’t believe this is the same puppy, I would like to thank Glenn for his patient and training method, as I type this message Sultan is sitting at my feet.

Frances Williams

Tobias (my service dog) thinks Glenn hung the moon. I have watched Glenn interact with lots of dogs. He treats them all with love and respect. It is easy to see he love what he does!

Denise Andretta

Glen, the trainer, is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior and he obiously loves what he does!

Jenny Allebach

Glenn seemed very knowledgeable and was very patient . He listened to our concerns and answered several questions. The strategies he taught our family is helping to decrease our dog’s ( Jet ) negative behavior. We highly recommend him!!

Michele Greenberg

On-site training with lots of sample items to try out and good tips.

Ann Curry

Everything is explained clearly. The handouts make it easy to continue training at home.

Courtney Dollar

Glenn Hatchell was excellent to work with! We especially appreciated the way he skillfully integrated the dogs who had some social problems into the group so that all could participate and benefit without triggering the challenging behaviors. He did an excellent job of attending to each dog (and the dog’s person’s) within the group and making individual recommendations that were effective.

Barbara "Bonnie" Brock

I liked the trainer.

Meg Longoria

Glen is very knowledgeable and helpful and pleasant and answers questions with explanations that make sense.

Melissa Winn

I was able to use the training immediately.

Geoffrey Dizon

Knowledgeable, attentive to specific needs. Sincerely care about the dogs and their behavior.

Mary Ellen Moore

Their acceptance of helping dogs with behavior problems. We’re halfway through and are seeing some improvement with our anti-social dog.

Sharon Johnson

I like the positive, upbeat approach to training our puppies. Glen is amazing!

Sally McGraw

Glenn is a amazing trainer who is so easy to work with. We look forward to our lesson each week and have seen amazing result with our German Shepherd!

Rick Boucher

Glenn is a amazing trainer who is so easy to work with. We look forward to our lesson each week and have seen amazing result with our German Shepherd!

Rick Boucher

I appreciate the concepts presented are simple (if not entirely simple to implement at this early stage!), which gives me hope that, with time and repetition, Kylo will display the behaviors I seek. That the desired behaviors are rewarded with treats is proving effective in getting and keeping his attention. I also appreciate focusing on the behaviors I want rather than giving attention to those I don’t.

Alisa Griffin

I like that you help your clients and try your best to protect the other clients animals.

Noelle Dennis

Very friendly when you call the “office”, at registration and classes. Also, although we have only attended 2 classes so far…very impressed with the knowledge, commitment, and care provided by Glenn. Information is provided for dog owners of all “levels”. Thorough explanations of all steps to take during class and throughout the week between classes along with the handouts are very helpful.

Doug Fowler

The instructions are simple and clear. The weekly handouts are beneficial too.

Jennifer Jackson

Glen and Kelly offer personal attention and a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you!

Erin Sapp

Easy sign up process, great training, my dog loves the trainee!!

Amanda Kenyon